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I have been suffering from anemia for more than 6 years now. I have bloodclots that went into my eyes, because of them I lost most of the sight in my right eye. Our family doctor said that my eyesight might never come back but I decided not to give up. I have my laser treatment every 2 weeks. He prescribed me with Epogen and the drug has greatly improved my condition. My eyesight is better and I'm not in panic anymore. In addition my general symptoms have gone milder; I don't get tired that easily and don't look too pale. Epogen is great for me.
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Anemia is a horrible disease but if you have it you have nothing more to do but to try to find a medication that will help you survive and live with the awful symptoms. For me this miraculous drug is Epogen. It makes my skin healthy pink, my blood pressure is better, I can walk a bit without running out of breath. I am grateful to the manufacturers of Epogen for this wonderful drug and for the owners of the website for the amazing opportunity to buy meds online without leaving my house.

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